Our vision is that geothermal heat will form a substantial and integral part of the energy supply in Western Europe.

This requires geothermal systems to function as autonomously and smoothly as possible, allowing operators to focus on the core business of their company.

We want to help achieve this by:

Early detection of problems by providing insight into the functioning of geothermal heat systems via a KPI Dashboard. Monthly data and trends are analysed by a specialist and optimisations are proposed.

Necessary repairs such as ESP switches are carried out with minimum delay and as cheaply as possible by having the programme, exemption and agreements with suppliers ready in advance, working with a permanent team and investing in our own equipment.

Compliance: complying with statutory and regulatory requirements with minimum disruption to regular work processes. This is possible by efficiently organising HSE and maintenance planning and keeping monthly records.

Combining activities with other operators, such as corrosion monitoring and water and gas analyses. By grouping, this can be done efficiently, standardised and at lower rates.