The services of the Geothermal Heat Service Team are contained in a modular subscription, which can be adapted to the needs of the individual customer. This structure ensures regular contact and fixed and plannable work, so that competitive rates can be offered.


The following modules are now available:

AST: Reguliere ondersteuning

Basic Support

Geothermal Service Team offers low-threshold support in word and deed. We visit the customer regularly (at least once every quarter) and have monthly meetings to go over outstanding actions and the planning. This close contact offers the opportunity to answer small and big questions and to pick up small matters immediately.

We keep track of the planning for maintenance and HSE-related activities to ensure that deadlines are met.

We can also provide monthly and annual reports for governmental institutes.


AST: Analyse productie KPIs

Analysis of Production KPI

Through regular in-depth analysis of the available sensor data, we try to identify problems early on. Data from the ESP and above-ground sensors are combined and displayed in a variety of graphs and translated into Key Performance Indicators. During the analysis, a well engineer looks mainly for deviations in trends, in order to reveal subtle changes in, for example, productivity, injectivity, pump performance or the condition of the pipes and the surface system. At least once a month, we discuss the graphs and the observations. Where necessary, further investigation can be organised or a repair can be planned.

AST: Formatiewater en Gas analyses

Formation Water & Gas Analysis

Regular analysis of formation water and gas is often a requirement of the operating permit. The main purpose of the analysis is to identify (early) well integrity issues based on changes in the composition. Relevant parameters for corrosion and scaling are also tracked in order to identify changes in this area at an early stage.

GST organises sampling for water and gas analyses and coordinates the research in the laboratory. In order to obtain useful data, it is important that the substances are screened correctly and that the sampling proceeds in a uniform manner. So we pay close attention to this. By bundling the work for several clients, the analyses and sampling can be carried out more efficiently and the cost price can be kept low.

If required, we also coordinate studies of corrosion, scaling or microbiology to identify the potential for corrosion, material growth in the system or clogging of the injection tank. If necessary, precautionary measures can then be taken in time. These are relatively expensive studies that typically take place shortly after the completion of a well. Nevertheless, it can sometimes be interesting to carry out a study (again) at a later date.

Onafhankelijke corrosie monitoring

Corrosion and Scaling Control

Corrosion is a major threat to the economic life of the wells and the surface system. Often inhibitor injection takes place in the production well to protect the system, but at considerable operational cost. The Geothermal Service Team is an independent partner to monitor corrosion and optimise inhibitor dosing. We weigh and analyse installed corrosion coupons, study data from corrosion sensors, and assess long-term trends.

Voorbereiden putreparaties

Preparing Well Interventions

GST ensures that the most common well repairs such as ESP switches and scab-liner installations are prepared. In doing so, we ensure that operations are standardised as much as possible in order to maximise time efficiency and keep costs down. We also prepare an application for exemption permits in order to be able to act quickly when the repair is necessary.

Lean and Mean Putonderhoud

Lean-and-mean Well Interventions

Through WEP, we have extensive experience in the field of pump changes and scab liner installations. However, Geothermal Service Team approaches repairs differently and focuses on standardising operations. This allows engineering hours to be kept to a minimum. For example, the programme is ready before the job and reporting is completed almost entirely in the field. For supervision, we use permanent teams with our own personnel as much as possible, in order to reduce costs, keep lines of communication short and work on location as efficiently as possible and, for example, to make all reports there already. We can also purchase on a large scale and make price agreements with suppliers in advance.

If necessary, the knowledgeable organisation of WEP is always available on call. In this way, you can be sure that if the challenges turn out to be unexpectedly great, there is a capable organization behind it.

VGM systeem: Ondersteuning en audits

HSE System: Support and Audits

As an extra service, GST can assist in setting up and implementing an HSE management system and a well integrity management system. The standard subscription module focuses on the yearly maintenance, including:
• Yearly update of HSE management system and well integrity management
• Audits
• Management reviews

Inspectie Wellhead en Putafsluiters

Wellhead & X-mas tree valve maintenance

Geothermal Service Team provides an annual inspection and maintenance of the wellheads and the elementary well valves. The service includes an inspection and leak test of valves and wellhead, and greasing the gate valves.

Dagelijkse Productieondersteuning

Daily Production Support

24/7 production support to organise, manage and optimise geothermal production on a daily basis by geothermal operator and/or production manager.

Supporting our customers according to their individual needs is our focus. We look forward to discussing the possibilities with you. Contact us at: